Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sorceress Month coming!

We all like theme-weeks or theme-months, right? :)
Well since Mattel has announced a January 2012 release for The Sorceress® in their Masters of the Universe® Classics-line as well as their Con-Traveling exclusive Temple of Darkness Sorceress for the entire year, I thought to jump this bandwagon and feature some Guardian of Grayskull-goodness during that month.

Normally I don't reveal any dates or even topics about the upcoming videos, because often times I will run a bit late and that sucks. But this time I come prepared and wanted to give you guys a heads up.
Not going to reveal how many videos there will be or specific topics, but on the list are reviews and general looks at the Sorceress in her different aspects.

Those wanting to know, yes there will be one more video before the year ends, so stay tuned!