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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Masters of the Universe - The Fountain of Life

Filmed at Grayskull-Con, here is a short endorsement for John Carroll's upcoming fan-film!

Go check out John's films

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Episode #10 of Scrolls of Eternia!

Procrustus was announced as upcoming figure for Masters of the Universe Classics line in December 2012!

Jukka takes a look at who Procrustus is and where he made his one appearance!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Skeletor's Grayskull-Playset

Episode #09 of Scrolls of Eternia!

In this episode you get to witness all the times when Skeletor had his very own Castle Grayskull-playset!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Visit Pixel-Dan's New Website!

Be sure to check out Pixel-Dan's new website:
There are tons of great video-reviews about toys! From Masters of the Universe Classics, Thundercats, Kotobukiya, DC Universe, Four Horsemen Design and more!

Spikor's Trident in Filmation

Episode #08 of Scrolls of Eternia!

This time your host Jukka takes a look at just how many times did Spikor's Trident appear in the Filmation-cartoon!

Monday, April 16, 2012

New MOTU Comic Podcast - Masters Comic Cast

Masters Comic Cast is a monthly podcast dedicated to all 2012 Masters of the Universe comics coming from Dark Horse and DC Comics!

The premise is simple; each episode will focus on one comic about Masters of the Universe that is coming in 2012. From the 3 mini-comics to 6-issue mini-series.

Whenever a new comic is released, Masters Comic Cast episode is soon to follow. There will be spoilers during the episodes as the hosts talk about their first impressions and any rumors they might have heard.

In the very first episode, hosts Rob Base (Alternative Mindz), Jukka and Joe Amato (Joe Amato Custom Creations) talk about:

  • Host introductions
  • What we know about the new comics (SDCC 2011, MTV Geek interview, etc)
  • Expectations

Duration: 1h 45min

You can send us e-mail or comments via Twitter @MOTUComicCast and we will read them in the podcast. :)

iTunes link to follow soon!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mini-Comic Review - The Warrior Machine!

Join your host Jukka in Scrolls of Eternia-episode, as he takes a look at the vintage MOTU Mini-Comic:  


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MOTU Profile: Spikor (part 2)

Scrolls of Eternia is proud to present Masters of the Universe Character Profiles!!

Here's is Part 2 / 3 for Spikor!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

MotU Profile: Spikor (part 1)

Scrolls of Eternia is proud to present Masters of the Universe Character Profiles!!

First character is the Untouchable Master of Evil Combat: Spikor!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 page online!

Click here to visit
the offical -page
for Scrolls of Eternia!

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Scrolls of Eternia - Teaser

Teaser clip of a new upcoming show by Jukka!

Scrolls of Eternia will review "Masters of the Universe"-comics. Both modern (2002-2004) by MVCreations and vintage comics too.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

2002-2004 Cartoon & Comics Continuity

The text below is my personal attempt at making some sense into the order of 2002-2004 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe show by Mike Young Productions and the Masters of the Universe comic by MVCreations.

For the modern cartoon of He-Man, Mattel had more creative control over what they wanted to happen in the cartoon-show. As the comic was licensed property of the Masters of the Universe, it too was under the same guidelines of what continuity it were to follow.

Shortly after Volume 2 story arc, as Mattel was pushing for the Snake Men to become major players in the cartoon, the Licensing Dept. told MVCreations that they could tell stories already told in the cartoon.
MVCreations wanted to go further with their own distinctive story-lines for the comic, and not always have to wait for events in cartoon for them to tell a side-tale with the comic.

"Rise of the Snake Men" mini-series is a turning point, where the comic-creators told an existing story from the cartoon, but giving it more mature theme and tried adding few details that would have helped pave wave for Volume 3. Unfortunately the original Volume 3 story was scrapped, and MVCreations made a decision to tell a story in-between last two episodes of the cartoon.

The actual continuity story-wise (beginning from Preternia with King Hsss and the Snake Men) is something I won't go too much in this list, for that is a whole article onto its own. ;)
But rather I will do my best to list what order the cartoon episodes are in relation to the comic issues.

    Icons of Evil -stories tell how Keldor/Skeletor recruited his Evil Warriors.
  • Comic Icons of Evil: Beast Man
  • Comic Icons of Evil: Tri-Klops
  • Comic Icons of Evil: Mer-Man
  • Comic Icons of Evil: Trap-Jaw
  • Trap-Jaw's story takes place between scenes in cartoon episode "The Beginning part 1" during the time the Mystic Wall was constructed as Skeletor had been banished to the Dark Hemisphere.

    • TDK Mini-Comic "The Battle Begins!"
    • A promotional comic packaged with TDK Game Boy Advance-game "He-Man: The Power of Grayskull" . In the story the Sorceress gives Prince Adam the Power Sword for the first time and he transforms into He-Man. Stepping outside Castle Grayskull he encounters Clawful, which is where the actual game would continue.   

  • Cartoon Episodes 01-06
  • Target 2-pack Comic
  • Cartoon Episodes 07-21
  • Comic Volume 1 Story Arc [1-4]
  • In "Shard of Darkness" story arc's final page we witness the shadow from a figure taking a small fragment of the Shakarran Crystal from a ledge at Snake Mountain. Comic's artist Emiliano Santalucia confirmed that this character was planned to be Kobra Khan, who is first introduced in cartoon episode 21 "The Snake Pit" as he escapes from the Royal Palace's jail-cell to go to Snake Mountain and free other Snake Men.

  • Cartoon Episodes 22-23
  • Comic Volume 2 Story Arc [1-6]
  • "Dark Reflections" features Two Bad, so it happens after cartoon episode 16 "The Monster Within" that introduces viewers to the character. In the final issue we see Hordak speaking briefly through the Dimensional Gate to Skeletor, The Sorceress and He-Man. He-Man asks who or what it was that spoke through the portal, to which the Sorceress replies that it was Hordak. Because He-Man has not heard of Hordak, then the events happen before episode 24 "Separation" where the Sorceress mentions Hordak to He-Man in passing while talking about the Spell of Separation.

  • Cartoon Episodes 24-29
  • Cartoon Episodes 30-31
  • Comic Mini-Series "Rise of the Snake Men" [1-3] The 3-part comic mini-series tells the same events that happen in cartoon episodes "Rise of the Snake Men part 1" and "Rise of the Snake Men part 2"
  • Cartoon Episodes 32-35
  • The episodes explain how King Hiss comes back after his fight-to-the-death match with Zodak in "Rise of the Snake Men" 
    • Comic Special - "The Power of Fear"
    • In this one-shot special story, Skeletor summons Scare Glow to work for him. He-Man has his Snake Armor so the events happen after cartoon episode 32 "The Price of Deceit".
    • Comic Volume 3 Issue 7
      A one-shot story about Stratos' origins. This can be inserted before cartoon episode 36 "Web of Evil" where he gets his Snake Armor.
  • Cartoon Episodes 36-38 
  • Comic Volume 3 Story Arc [1-6]
  • Picking right after events in cartoon episode 38 "History", the comic dwelves into a story of its own about King Hiss kidnapping Evil-Lyn in order to get The Faceless One to help him free Serpos. Faceless One gives He-Man's Sword of Power an extra magical boost, which he would use in episode 39 "Awaken the Serpent"
    • Comic Volume 3 Issue 8
    • This one-shot story about Orko is more loose from continuity. It can happen after the events in cartoon episode 35 "Power of Grayskull", but before mini-comic Episode 40 "Captured".
    • Cartoon Episode 39
    • Mini-Comic: Episode 40 "Captured" [dvd pack-in]
    • Based on the original cartoon script for episode 40, this mini-comic continues after events in "Awaken the Serpent".